Thursday, November 21, 2013

Multiple health benefit-Lose weight,prevent heart disease,cancer,Diabetes and many more health disorders

How if we discover a single solution for multiple health disorders?The main health problems and threats we face in today's time are deadly diseases like cancer and Heart disorders,Obesity ,Blood pressure, Diabetes, hyper tension and many more. Life threatening disease cancer can be developed at any part of the body. Day by day a new type of cancer is discovered! The only best thing we can do for our body is to keep it immune from any such diseases or health complications. Let me repeat a saying- Prevention is better than cure !

Losing weight fast was never an alarming concern few decades back. Reason- Lifestyle was more or less as per the nature's basic rules. There were no fast food chains like we have today. There was lesser stress.

Let me quickly mention a fact about a popular fast food chain( don't want to name it). Its a bitter truth about french fries. Home made french fries will need potato, oil and some spices. But the ones at these fast food chains contains ammonia( ammonia is also used as toilet cleaners) to preserve for a long long period. There are many other harmful chemicals in it, which can create serious health problems. And please remember the diseases caused by such chemicals are genetic and are transferred to generations too.

I have seen small kids eating such french fries and burgers happily. It wont be a surprise , when they grow up they will run after finding quick ways to lose weight and other therapies for various health disorders.

A single comprehensive solution to stay fit, prevent diseases like cancer, heart trouble, diabetes etc and Losing weight  is absolutely possible with a proper planning and combination of proper healthy diet,exercise, and a balanced lifestyle. Here let me clearly mention a fact that heavy exercise not needed at all. Basic exercise and yoga are quite enough. There are many less known herbs and spices which nature has gifted us, but we are unaware of their benefits and usage.Such herbs and spices can be very well included in our daily diet.

A healthy balanced life style and food habit is a must, but again that doesn't mean that one has to strictly stay away from the tasty mouth watering fast foods, ice-creams and desserts.

I have developed a combination of healthy nutritious diet,some light exercise and limited fast food.

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To be continued.............

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