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Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine

Many times a patient might do everything their doctor tells them to, without any visible results. There may be many reasons for unproductive treatments, but in most cases the therapy is not the most suitable approach for the patient. Everybody’s different. Some of us are heavy build, some are naturally thin while other people are extremely strong. There is a medical reason for this distinction. While most of the time, your weight depends entirely on how you handle your food, many times it depends on our body type. In Ayurvedic medicine, everything you are, do and feel is connected to our body type. In this eastern medical practice there are many key points. Whatever the reasons are that made you choose this type of treatment, you will soon realize you’ve made the right decision. As one of the oldest medical systems, this practice will show you that you only need a different approach to life, your health and the universe, to function as a whole. If you are a typical American, then you must always be talking on the phone while washing the dishes. Eating on your way to work, doing your taxes on the bus and possess other multitasking skills. This type of life might get you through the day faster but it doesn’t stimulate your health. It would be a cliché to tell you that no matter how much money you have, you have nothing if you’re not healthy. Instead, we will show you what the ancient science of life has to offer, and you can be the judge afterwards.

The concepts behind ayurvedic medicine

This ancient whole medical system called Ayurveda originated in India. The name comes from the two saskrtit words Ayur and Veda that translate into life knowledge. The first documented texts that form the foundation of this traditional medicine date back to the earliest centuries of the common era. Since then, this eastern medical analysis advanced tremendously and today other medical systems borrow techniques and remedies to complete their practice. The purpose of all treatments is to unite and stabilize the spirit, mind and body into a universal equilibrium. During a treatment, the Ayurvedic specialist will teach you how to study your body, how to understand your mind and connect them all with the spirit. Unbalanced work between the body, mind and spirit is known to have disturbing outcome. All diseases, mental ailments and physical discomforts come from unbalanced work between these three entities. According to this medical system every human is interconnected with other humans, living beings and the universe. Every element found in the human body is found in the universe as well, in one form or another. It's only when the human body, spirit and mind are aligned, that the being finds harmony within itself and the universe. When one of these units is unbalanced or remarkably asymmetrical from the other two, we discover some sort of disease or mental discomfort. You don’t have to Buddhist or Hindu to believe that you are one with the universe. More or less, every other religion describe the same idea. Even modern scientists, oldschool philosophers and fundamental psychiatrists agreed that there is a universal consciousness and we all are a part of a complexed, ordered and conscious grand design.
Another concept of Ayurvedic medicine is known as Prakriti. This belief is associated with the physical composition of our bodies. At the moment of our conception, mental and physical qualities are determined. They are inherited from our parents and we are stuck with them forever. From time to time, depending on life events and circumstances these qualities will change, but the essentials will stay the same and eventually bounce back to their customary ratio. Holistic experts call these qualities Doshas or life forces. There are three doshas: Kapha, Pitta and Vata. Every dosha has its unique potential, energy and element. They are responsible for how the body responds to illnesses, how fast or slow recovers after a disease and they show how the metabolism works. Every process and activity in the body is controlled by these life forces and their energy. They determine the person's lifestyle, mental power and physical shape. Every person is a unique mix of the three doshas. And there is always one dosha dominant over the other two. They are constantly changing according to the lifestyle, food choices, bodily processes, diseases and daily activities. You can find a test online and calculate your body type according to this holistic practice, but a holistic doctor can help you organize your lifestyle according to your body type. Each dosha is made out of two of the five basic elements found in nature.
The Vata dosha is considered to be the most powerful life force. It controls the most basic processes in the body like breathing, cell division, the mind, the heart and waste discharge. This dosha associates the elements air and ether. Ether is the substance found all around us, pure energy, vibration and space. The element air on the other hand, represents movement, circulation and elimination. Together these elements make the person lively, full of energy and vigor, naturally thin, creative and enthusiastic. People with Vata dominant are always on the go, they talk fast and have agile minds. Energy, emotions and feelings tend to come out in bursts, but they also fade away very easily. Because they are always active, they might start missing meals which will lead to weight loss, body imbalance, irregular digestion and constipation. That will cause this energy force to weaken and people with Vata insufficiency will feel restless, stressed out, start worrying over trivial matters and suffer from insomnia.
The Pita dosha is made of the elements water and fire. These elements might seem opposite from each other but they are characterized by the same qualities: intensity, penetration, sharpness and dominance. This life force controls the metabolism, digestion and energy production. People with Pita dominant have exceptional digestion, strong sexual drive, healthy appetite and they can eat anything. Their intellect is powerful and analytical, nothing scares them off, they respond quickly and sharply. When the natural balance between their doshas is disturbed, they are argumentative, angry and hot tempered. When this dosha starts to predominate the balance excessively, heartburn, hypertension, skin rashes and infections are probable.
The Kapha dosha keywords are: structure and fluency. This life force has solid qualities such as steadiness, heaviness, coldness and lethargy. Water and earth are the elements that assemble this dosha and they control the immunity, strength and body growth. Kapha body types are strong as rocks, stable, persistent and they enjoy routine. Kapha dominant people don’t like changes and they are comfortable working the same jobs and being with the same friends. When this dosha is completely dominant, problems like obesity, nausea, diabetes and cancer might arise.
These dosha descriptions are just informational. Changes in their balance may happen with weather seasons, diseases, physical activities and moods. In order to get the most of your body predisposition, consult an Ayurvedic doctor. He will tell you which dosha and element is dominant to your nature, how to balance them, which foods to avoid and which one will stimulate your best health.

Ayurvedic medicine for modern day problems

There are eight different branches that make this ancient medical practice a complete science. In India and certain places in the West, there are schools and hospitals that teach and practice Ayurvedic medicine. They cover internal medicine, head and neck diseases, surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, obstetrics, toxicology, sexual vitality, psychiatry, senior care and rejuvenation. In India and most eastern countries, 80% of the population use this practice exclusively or together with Western medicine. In America and the rest of the world, this medical practice gained popularity in the last few decades, because the information and evidence about its effectiveness is more available than ever. Before you proclaim this medical practice as voodoo, make sure you collect all important information. Determining the dominant life force is just one approach to defining a person's health constitution. This holistic doctor will observe your lifestyle, recent diseases, physical characteristics like, teeth, tongue, eyes, skin condition, weight, food preferences and your overall physical and mental condition. Standardized tests will be made to check your stool, urine and blood, but also your pulse, voice and speech. There are several treatment approaches as well, depending on the patient's health situation. The elimination approach is called Panchakarma. This treatment includes several programs for cleansing the body and mind from toxic interference. With the help of this mind-body therapy you will be able to reverse the negative effects of the modern living. The application of the process is simple and painless but its effects are powerful and will lead your body to self healing, better health and wellness. Each individual is analyzed separately. Oil massages, nutritional management and lifestyle and exercise recommendations will be provided according to the individual physical and mental makeup.
When a person already diagnosed with a certain disease or condition applies for a particular Ayurvedic treatment, the practitioner will suggest herbal remedies to be taken daily. Physical exercises that will reduce the symptoms will also be advised, as well as, mineral and metal nutritional management. A complete change in diet might be in order too. Conditions connected with high blood pressure and cholesterol can be easily monitored, digestive complications eliminated and immune system strengthened.
Ayurvedic experts have grouped all known herbs and their health promoting compounds into categories. Tell your doctor what is it that you need. Healing, relieving pain or stimulating vitality, can be treated and stimulated with the right combination of minerals, vitamins and metals. There are no magic pills of course, but Ayrvedic medicine suggests that you can have a well balanced life, free of health complications if you get rid of the things that are bad for you.

The benefits of ayurvedic medicine

The list of diseases that can be prevented, cured and reduced can be endless. To make sure we have your attention and interest we are going to name a few. Anemia is a common ailment nowadays. In Ayurveda this condition is called Pandu. It is a disorder where the red blood cells fall below their healthy normal ratio. It can happen after severe blood loss during an accident or surgery, presence of parasitic flatworms in the body, defective liver function, inadequate diet or other circumstances. Weakness, fatigue, dizziness, weak memory, shortness of breath and pale skin are among the most common symptoms. When diagnosed with this condition the holistic doctor will advise you to eat almonds, sesame seeds, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, apples, bananas, blackberries, strawberries and implement herbs like Aloe Vera, Indian gooseberry, spreading Hogweed. Ayurvedic supplements known to reverse the poor production of red blood cells are Lohasava, Lauh Bhasma and Dhatri Lauh. Several yoga poses are effective for curing anemia: Sarvangasana or shoulder stand, Paschimotthanasana or Posterior Stretch and Shavasana known as Corpse Pose. The sun is also known to stimulate the blood production, so your doctor might advise you to spend some time outside. Hair loss is an unhealthy wellness state that can also be embarrassing. There are many factors that can cause your hair to fall prematurely. Nutritional deficit and dietary imbalance are just two of the causes. Stress, a body weakened from illness or cancer treatment, endocrine disorder and genetic factors might also play a role. Modern day causes for hair loss are the use of abrasive hair products, water and air pollution, overexposure to the sun and using common brushes in public hair salons. Your Ayurvedic specialist will prescribe Amla, false daisy and Jaba herbal remedies. He will also tell you to keep your scalp clean, because excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells will damage the hair follicles and prevent them from forming new hair.
Brushing is a must if you notice that you start losing hair. Bent your body forward, lower your head over your knees and brush your hair from the back of the head to the forehead. Avoid actually touching the scalp, because that might irritate his skin further. This will improve the blood circulation, the forward bent will bring more blood to your head and activate the skin surface. Other more upsetting health conditions can be cured and prevented with the help of this eastern medical practice. Gonorrhea, kidney stones, intestinal worms, myopia, rheumatism and many heart diseases. Before you take your prescribed Ayrvedic herbal medicine or supplement, make sure that both, your conventional and Ayurvedic doctor knows about your treatment. There is always a healthier alternative option for the disease, but it can be dangerous if you treat yourself. Your doctor knows what's best and safe for your health, so make sure you visit the nearest Ayurvedic clinic to find the answers.


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Multiple health benefit-Lose weight,prevent heart disease,cancer,Diabetes and many more health disorders

How if we discover a single solution for multiple health disorders?The main health problems and threats we face in today's time are deadly diseases like cancer and Heart disorders,Obesity ,Blood pressure, Diabetes, hyper tension and many more. Life threatening disease cancer can be developed at any part of the body. Day by day a new type of cancer is discovered! The only best thing we can do for our body is to keep it immune from any such diseases or health complications. Let me repeat a saying- Prevention is better than cure !

Losing weight fast was never an alarming concern few decades back. Reason- Lifestyle was more or less as per the nature's basic rules. There were no fast food chains like we have today. There was lesser stress.

Let me quickly mention a fact about a popular fast food chain( don't want to name it). Its a bitter truth about french fries. Home made french fries will need potato, oil and some spices. But the ones at these fast food chains contains ammonia( ammonia is also used as toilet cleaners) to preserve for a long long period. There are many other harmful chemicals in it, which can create serious health problems. And please remember the diseases caused by such chemicals are genetic and are transferred to generations too.

I have seen small kids eating such french fries and burgers happily. It wont be a surprise , when they grow up they will run after finding quick ways to lose weight and other therapies for various health disorders.

A single comprehensive solution to stay fit, prevent diseases like cancer, heart trouble, diabetes etc and Losing weight  is absolutely possible with a proper planning and combination of proper healthy diet,exercise, and a balanced lifestyle. Here let me clearly mention a fact that heavy exercise not needed at all. Basic exercise and yoga are quite enough. There are many less known herbs and spices which nature has gifted us, but we are unaware of their benefits and usage.Such herbs and spices can be very well included in our daily diet.

A healthy balanced life style and food habit is a must, but again that doesn't mean that one has to strictly stay away from the tasty mouth watering fast foods, ice-creams and desserts.

I have developed a combination of healthy nutritious diet,some light exercise and limited fast food.

Will post soon.. keep reading..!!

To be continued.............

Does Drinking Lots Of Water Help You Lose Weight - Unknown Facts

Does drinking lots of water help you lose weight? Can it be real? Believe it or not, water does help you in losing some of your weight. Continue reading on to find out the truth about water.

How much weight are we talking about here? It totally depends on how much water you drink. However, do not expect to lose 20 or 30 pounds just by drinking water because that is totally unreal. If it is happens, then most diet companies are not going to make any sales from their products. You probably can get rid of 1 to 3 pounds if you drink enough water. It is achievable if you believe you can.

So how does drinking lots of water help you lose weight? You must be dying to know by now. But first, let me ask you this. Do you eat a lot of unneccessary food during your meal? At certain level, you sometimes eat junk food as well. This happens because you drink less, therefore, you tend to eat a lot. To overcome this problem, start by drinking water a lot before you eat. After two bites or so, make a habit to drink some more. It is common sense, when you drink more, you eat less. Put that in your mind.

Besides that, water can stop you from taking any food at those between meals. Although it sounds funny, sometimes, just by drinking water alone can satisfy your hunger already.

Another function of water is it can help remove the toxic and fat inside your body. In plain english, a plain and boil water can cleanse your body and improve your blood circulation.

But remember, plain and boil water is the water you should drink if you want to lose weight. Drinks like tea, coffee, wine, beer, carbonated drinks and so on will not do you any good.

As you can see, water can really help you to lose some weight. I hope the above article has answered your question on "does drinking lots of water help you lose weight". 
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Innovative, less known facts and ways to lose weight

 Soon I will post few innovative, less known facts and ways to lose weight.

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Weight Loss Tips – Lose Weight Fast

Living a healthy life is the dream of all people in the world, everyone out there wants to live without having any disease or suffering from any medical condition. Fortunately there a great medical scientific advance and there are treatment and ways to prevent most of the diseases in the world. Unfortunately not all people who want to live healthy and know or can know how to do that already do it. This article will only give you few tips about to lose fat fast and make your life healthier, but will you follow?

I always say that the problem of overweight can be solved very easy in most of the people suffering from it by simple changes in the lifestyle, what they eat, what they drink and their daily activity. So here are some changes that you can apply to your life and start seeing a great change in your weight:

1. Drinking Water Is Very Useful To Lose Weight:

I think that you already know that many of the overweight people used to drink junk drinks that add a lot of calories to their blood. But do you know that by changing these drinks to water can make a great change? Yes it is advised to drink about 8 glasses of water every day to make your tissues hydrated and healthy. Being hydrated will help getting rid of toxins from your blood and at the same time help building muscle which is a very good thing to burn fat.

2. Smaller Meals Will Have a Great Benefit:

To make it short you should not ea till you become hungry and when you eat to fill your hunger make sure that you don’t fill your stomach instead. What this means? This means that you will end up with eating more meals but in smaller amount. Remember that we eat to live and we don’t live to eat. It seems that six smaller meals a day is the thing recommended by many nutrition experts.

3. It’s Time to Do Some Hard Exercises:

I think that it will be wise from you if you are looking to this from all the angles. You should not think that you are aiming to achieve is just to have a better looking sexy body but also you want to become healthier and stronger. So when you think of exercising you should consider weight training as it covers all of the above. Weight lifting will help losing fat greatly, help shaping your muscles as best as possible and you will get a stronger body.

It is recommended to give your muscles enough time to recover and build up. Working out three or even two times a week till you reach full failure of your muscles and rest for the other free days should be very enough. So exercise in a day and rest in the next day.

4. Protein in Your Diet:

After doing some weight training your muscles will start to build themselves up and this will require protein. So it is advised to ad protein to your diet to provide your body with its needs of protein. Also protein will give you smaller amount of calories than carbohydrates so there is no risk of gaining weight if you added more protein in your diet. The kind of protein you should eat is like the protein found in eggs, poultry, fish and meat.

Now listen up, as I said before knowing the right information is not enough to lose weight fats but you need to actually apply it to your daily life and don’t lose motivation to lose fat quick.

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Incredibly best Foods to Burn Fat stores and then Lose Weight

It is important to note that these foods make you burn fats and not make you lose weight. There is a huge difference between fat loss and weight loss. Dieters should need to be very careful with weight loss without losing fat because it could be that you are only losing the water inside your body and may eventually harm your health.

Finding comfort the meals that can help our bodies burning body fat, you will find many of them. Here are typically the most popular and in all likelihood the top food of burning excess fat:

Eggs * this kind of preferred breakfast time meals is considered as among the best fat reducing foods too. It's got the proportions to emulsify your body extra fat which makes it easier for the entire body to get rid of it straight down and then use it as vitality.

Seafood - this could mean any type of sea foods will make your body to burn fats easily. By eating seafoods the level of hormone known as Leptin is reduced. This hormone is the one responsible for a slow metabolism.

Garlic herb -- this is any wonder foodstuff! Not simply it can help your system burning fat and also assists lower cholesterol levels and reduce the potential risk of center conditions. It can help keep your the hormone insulin in a low level as well as raise the fat burning capacity. Make sure to have a very make-up all set given it may cause your breathing in order to give an impression of garlic clove. This really is 1 meal that should be included in your diet.

Ginger herb * diverse health-related studies along with scientific studies showed that cinnamon can help burn up entire body fatty acids. It is because it will help enlarge the particular bloodstream within the body along with assist in your metabolism. It's also helps soothe a sore throat and never to mention it contributes wonderful flavor within your every day meals.

Green tea - this is another wonder herb that helps that body to burn body fats. In fact, it has the capability to boost the metabolism rate as much as 30%. It also contains anti-oxidant which helps fight aging and green tea is a popular Chinese herb which aids fat loss.

Olive oil - instead of using the usual vegetable or corn oil to fry your food, go for the healthier alternative which is olive oil. It helps fight bad cholesterol in the body hence it is often recommended by health experts and is considered as one of the fat burning foods too. Although it is a lot more expensive than the usual cooking oil; the health benefits are definitely worth the price.

These are some of the food that will assist you burn system fatty acids. It is recommended to eat simply because as a way to assist you to attain your goals involving shedding pounds. In addition to due to the fact, additionally it is recommended to consume far more water because it even offers a great oblique result inside your weight loss plan. Sometimes it's always best to keep yourself hydrated first before eating anything. It will be possible that an individual is simply parched rather than in fact eager.

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