Saturday, November 9, 2013

Daily routine to stay fit and gain immunity to fight deadly diseases like cancer, heart disorders, Diabetes and many more

Here I would like to mention few tips for a healthy living which can help you keep your immune strong against deadly diseases like cancer, heart disorders, digestive disorders in the long run. If we follow certain daily routines these disorders will remain away from our body for a long long time. Basically the main rule is to keep the body and mind totally immune. Few are quite common tips and few are less known.

  • Wake up early morning and straightway drink a glass of warm water with honey, lemon and dry ginger powder.
  • Break fast to be taken as routine as per your choice, include dry fruits like walnut
  • 1 hour before lunch again take a glass of water, this time just add dry ginger powder and drink it.
  • Lunch could be routine as per your choice, but include garlic, ginger salad and turmeric. Ginger and turmeric( not in powder form) can be cut in to pieces and lemon juice and salt can be added. Ginger and turmeric has many health benefits. Turmeric is a super herb to fight against cancer cell.
  • Take some fruits after 2-4 hours of lunch
  • 2- 3 hours before the dinner 4 black pepper can be swallowed with water. Regular doing this will clean your intestines. All impurities will be flushed out soon.
  • Dinner to be taken very light as per the routine as per your choice, but should be very light.
  • Before sleep Harde or triphala which are the wonder ayurvedic herbs can be taken( those who have digestive disorders in high levels)

A very important point need to be followed strictly:  develop a habit of  keeping a water bottle always near you. Keep drinking water in small sips whenever you get a chance. small sips of water at 15-20 mins interval is the best.

These were the very simple day to day tips, very easy to follow. I will keep posting new information on natural remedies.

The small things mentioned here will strengthened your immune to fight deadly diseases like cancer and heart disorders, diabetes, obesity and many others.

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