Sunday, December 7, 2008


Our Nature has many healing powers which can cure almost all diseases and health complications.Only thing need is to trust on nature and its cure.When nature has created living beings,it aslo has all the solutions for living a better healthy life.The main thing is to follow certain rules nature had made for living beings.

Below are few gifts from nature which has very good properties:

Amalaki (Emblica officinalis; Emblica officinalisor Phyllanthus emblica; Amla, Emblic Myrobalan, Indian gooseberry ) - It is the main ingredient in Chyavanaprash which is a jelly herbal supplement that is an excellent general tonic for the body. Can be taken with water as an excellent general tonic. It is a rejuvenative herb. Helps with the digestion, bones and eyes. Nutritive tonic, rejuvenative and alterative, having very high vitamin contents. Part used: Fruit.

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Asafoetida (Sanskrit: Hingu, Hing; Chinese: A Wei) - The part used is the resin of the root. It is a strong digestive aid. It helps to break up accumulated fecal matter build up from eating unhealthy processed junk foods and meat. Also helps to kill parasites such as round worms. Acts like garlic but is stronger. Besides being very healthy it also tastes really good so it is a great spice to use when cooking. It is a spice for taste and good health. It works like ginger, rock salt (black salt) and cardamom.

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera; Winter Cherry) - The part used is the root. Ashwagandha is the Sanskrit name which means the smell of a horse and it has this name as it gives a person the vitality and sexual energy like a horse. It is one of the most effective rejuvanative herbs working strongly on the bones, muscles and semen. It helps prevent aging of the body. Good for pregnant women. It is similar to Ginseng in Chinese medicine. The only possible problem with this excellent herb is that if a person is really strong it may act as a strong aphrodisiac. Tonic, nerve tonic, rejuvenative, aphrodisiac, for sexual debility, general weakness. Part used: Root.

Basil (Tulasi) - Helps with the digestive and immune system. Tulasi is considered to be a very holy plant in India and it is dear to Sri Krishna. It is found in many homes in India as it adds good karma to the house. It is considered by many to be inauspicious to use in common medicines.

Bhringaraj (Eclipta alba; Sanskrit: Bhringaraj - King of the Hair) - The part used is the herb. Helps with the aging process. This herb is used for the hair and to reduce grayness. Helps with the liver and getting a good sleep. Good for the mind. When applied externally is can help reduce inflammation. Tonic, nerve tonic and hemostatic. Indicated for liver disorders, hair loss & grey hair. Part used : Whole plant.

Ginger (Sanskrit: Santhi, Nagara (dry), Ardraka (fresh): Chinese: Gan Jiang (dry), Shen Jiang (resh)) - The part used is rhizome. A Sattvic herb. Called Vishwabhesaj or "the universal medicine." Ginger powder is dry and hotter than fresh ginger and it is great for increasing Agni or the fire of digestion. Fresh ginger is good for colds and clearing cough and it can be made into a tea for this purpose. Used to fire up the digestion and to clear the respiratory system. Ginger is good for the heart and it clears gas from the abdomen. Good for arthritic conditions.

Hibiscus Flowers (Sanskrit: Japa) - The part used is flower. Good for kidney and reproductive system problems. Makes a really good summer drink. Good for menstrual problems, the heart, skin complexion and the blood.

The combinations of the above and many other herbs has very effective results.These will be posted later on.

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